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Sierra College Online Online Course Information

Please remember that when you log into Canvas, your class will usually not appear until the FIRST DAY of the semester.

If you are trying to add an Online course, please contact the instructor to obtain an add code if they are adding more students to their course. You can email the instructor by clicking on their name in the Online course listing. Scroll down and select the semester below for the Online course listing you wish to access.

If you are new to Online Courses and are wondering how they will work for you, take our new Online Student Readiness Quiz !

Are you ready for an Online Class? Download the PDF handout!
View a video of a past presentation, Are You Ready for an Online Class

Still not sure about taking an online class?
Skill Development 10: How to Be a Successful Online Student is a
course created for those students who have never taken an online course, or for those who would like to improve their own outcomes of online courses. This course is a 3-week, 1-unit course that will take place fully online and cover personal and technical skills necessary to succeed in an online environment. For more information, please see the course description in the class schedules.

If you are interested in taking Online courses but feel you need more technical knowledge about computers and the internet, here's the perfect class for you!
CIS 37 - Fundamental Internet Techniques and Strategies for College

Additional Info for Online Students:

  • You register for Online courses through MySierra, just as you would for a regular on-ground class, and NOT through the Canvas website.
  • Canvas accounts are NOT created in Canvas, but by registering through the Sierra College registration process.
  • Keep in mind that after registering for a course in the current semester, you won't instantly have access to Canvas. The Canvas account process runs throughout the day and your information should be fully uploaded to Canvas within a few hours that same day.
  • Your courses usually do not appear on the main Canvas page until the FIRST DAY of the semester. The instructor will usually make the course available during the first day of the semester, so if you can't access it by the end of the day, email the instructor to find out the status. If you want to verify that your courses are there, you can check your Canvas account settings to see a list of course enrollments.
  • Please note that you won't receive any confirmation of your online course registration other than your class schedule. It is your responsibility to log into Canvas on the first day of the semester, similar to showing up to class on the first day.
  • Keep in mind that if you don't log in during the first week of the semester, the instructor may drop you the same as they would with "no shows" - if you have added late, just be sure to log on as soon as
    you can.

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