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Online Courses

Skill Development 10: How to Be a Successful Online Student is a brand new course created for those students who have never taken an online course, or for those who would like to improve their own outcomes of online courses. This course is a 3-week 1-unit course that will take place fully online and cover personal and technical skills necessary to succeed in an online environment. For more information, please see the course description in the class schedules.

It is strongly encouraged that new online students go through the Blackboard Tutorial, (Online Orientation). By completing the Tutorial, you will learn how to log-in and navigate through the Blackboard® course management software. You can either view the tutorial on our website, or come to a live session at the Rocklin Campus.

Please note: If you use Internet Explorer, you should also go through the Browser Tune-up so that it will have the plug-ins needed to use the Blackboard Online Course management system.

View the Browser Tune-Up for Internet Explorer

View a online student orientation video on iTunes U!

View the Online Blackboard Tutorial Slideshow* (please note that this might not display properly in Firefox, but works in Internet Explorer)

*If you have trouble with the above tutorial webpage, below is a link to an alternate view of the slide show. To advance the slides, click on the numbers listed on the left side of the the screen, and not on the slide itself.

Click here for the Alternate View of the Online Blackboard Tutorial Slideshow.

TV Courses
There is no orientation required for the TV courses. Plan to watch your class live or view missed courses on iTunes U . Check our iTunes U info page for more information. You may also want to read the Distance Learning handbook for information regarding TV Courses.

Distance Learning Handbook
The Distance Learning Handbook has valuable information regarding both the Online Courses & TV Courses. You can refer to this when you have questions or want to review our policies.

View the Distance Learning Handbook



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